Rise Warrior Rise

Awaken Your Soul

Rise Warrior Rise: Awaken Your Soul is for every man and woman who wants it all: Success, Happiness, Wellbeing, Power and Morality. Validated by over 120 scientific studies, Rise Warrior Rise is being used by Top 1% companies to enhance people wellbeing and performance. Rise Warrior Rise is compulsory text in business and leadership degrees at Top 1% Universities to build outstanding future leaders, parents and teachers.


Macquarie University

Since 2018 Rise Warrior Rise has been compulsory text on Self-Leadership in the Business Degrees at this global top 1% university. In 2019, Rise Warrior Rise also became compulsory learning for  Commerce Degrees. 

Overwhelming positive feedback from cohorts has led to Author, Roh Singh, honoured with the invitation to teach and share Rise Warrior Rise programs as part of the prestigious Dean Scholar Program.

Program Director, Debbie Howlett develops outstanding humans. In this video, highly experience lecturer, Debbie shares why she chose Rise Warrior Rise after an extensive search and how she wishes she had this book in her younger years. 

Rise Warrior Rise Audiobook $35.95 AUD

University of Western Sydney 

Rise Warrior Rise (Perform, Flourish and Virtuous) has been text at WSU Business School since 2018. Our Seminar Keynotes, Lectures and Digital presentations develop leaders of the the future, fearless and righteous.

ExcelerateYou diagnostics develop a deep sense of self understanding. Our programs awaken a clear purpose in the students and our rituals develop unshakable self-worth and ethics that eliminates anxiety; give the students the confidence to go all in, love life and perform.

In this video Krishan Prasad from WSU explains why he chose Rise Warrior Rise over all else to build successful and compassionate humans.

Rise Warrior Rise Audiobook $35.95 AUD


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Mike Goodwin, Spartan Asia Pacific MD

"Rise Warrior Rise is AMAZING, from beginning to end! I experienced an evolution and transformation! Rise Warrior Rise teaches how to embrace failure and overcome fear with real strategies and tactics that invigorate & transform you, as you discovery your real purpose and 'who you are!  Incredible book and programs!

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Nicholas Mason, Commercial Director Athletes Voice

"I've followed Tim Ferriss, Tony Robbins, Zig Ziglar etc, while they are motivating they lack in 'the how'. Roh stands out! He is special! Roh's book Rise Warrior Rise and his program Flourish and Perform gave me a way to live my best life, an awesome life! It has changed my life. The world needs it, I need it, I think business needs it."

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Jay Raveendran, Physiotherapist

"Roh guides you to achieve your full potential, holistically to strengthen the mind before tackling other areas. This book is like my bible. Growing up, I felt that my mind was limiting me, Roh taught me concepts to achieve my maximum potential."

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Ashita Gandhi, Masters in Information Technology

"For me to get out of bed in the morning was the most difficult thing, I'm like 'oh my God I have to live another day'. But after reading Rise Warrior Rise, I realised that there is so much we can do with our lives. Rise Warrior Rise taught me to build a beautiful life. This book is amazing."

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Dorothy Dempsey, Vice Principal Tongariro School

"Rise Warrior Rise is inspirational. The title I used in my affirmations 3 years ago to help me overcome a rare type of cancer. Everything in Rise Warrior Rise truly resonated with me. I overcome obstacles because I know I can."

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Nabil Allouchie, Business Student

“Rise Warrior Rise helped me get rid of all self doubt, the negative energy & all anxiety. It really transformed me. It helped me love myself. It put me in a positive mindset, and not only showed me the importance of having a positive mindset & good energy around you, it taught me how-to."

Rise Warrior Rise Audiobook $35.95 AUD