Love: The Wellbeing Journal

This is a science-based wellbeing journal, which is helping educators and parents build coping skills and resilience in children, young adults and themselves. Love: The Wellbeing Journal works on the whole of person, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.


Love: The Wellbeing Journal is a an easy to follow teaching aid for parents and teachers. It gives the user:
- Foundations of self-love to achieve greater self-worth, happiness, and confidence that is unshakeable.
- The virtues and values to live an ethically strong life. Learn early in life to stand for good and not get bullied and led down bad paths, and toxic addictions.
- Frameworks, exercises, and rituals to understand your true nature and thoughts, and how to regulate your mood and behaviour. 
- Strategies to attract and keep a great circle of loving and supportive friends.
- Easy to master breath and meditation practices to optimise mental focus and personal energy, so children and young adults can protect themselves from anxiety and burnout.
- Learn how to live a purposeful and meaningful life, set goals and build the right habits to achieve your dreams and ambitions.

A Look Inside Love

Love was beautifully designed by our Rockstar team out of Australia and New Zealand to lift your mood and happiness daily.

10 inspiring superheroes are brought to life with energizing and positive artwork promoting equality, strength, wisdom, courage and honour for each user of the journal. 

The characters have been uniquely designed as inclusive, diverse, strong and independent individuals (female and male). Here are just some of the samples from the journal. Get a free poster download of one of the characters now! Limited time offer!

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Meet the Authors
Rohilesh & Kimberly

Kim and Roh created Love to help teachers and parents raise strong and happy children and young adults.

Rohilesh R. Singh is the author of the highly-acclaimed book Rise Warrior RiseAwaken Your Soul © 2018, which is official university text at both Macquarie University and Western Sydney University in the School of Business (for Self-Leadership and Management degrees).
Kimberly is the producer of Rise Warrior Rise and co-creator of ExcelerateYou.
Love: The Wellbeing Journal has been designed with easy-to-embed self-control and regulation principles into your everyday life, so that you not only cope - you flourish!


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© Rohilesh R. Singh

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