About Us

ExcelerateYou is a brand of Populis Pty Ltd. Populis is a people performance company providing evidence-based leadership and wellbeing solutions to Fortune 500 companies, Top 1% Universities and Entrepreneurs. We serve to safeguard your wellbeing and to make you thrive in life.

ExcelerateYou's online personalised programs, live events and private workshops enable you with evidence-based self-mastery rituals and wisdoms to blossom and thrive in our busy world. Our highly engaging programs and speakers will safeguard you from anxiety, burnout and depression.

Love, The Wellbeing Journal launches in May 2020 to serve students and young adults to shape outstanding lives with meaning; gain skills not only to cope, but to flourish in life.

Roh Singh, our Founder created ExcelerateYou with the aim is to elevate a billion lives. Our goal is clear, we exist to empower you to flourish.



  1. FLOURISH is the Ultimate Wellbeing Program. The scientifically validated self-regulation rituals in this program will make you unshakable mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually! You will elevate into the elusive state of bliss in all conditions. Live your best life: Happy. Confident. Abundant. Grow your brain, improve memory & overcome stress, anxiety and burnout.

  2. PERFORM, Build The Characteristics For Success. Build the discipline and energy for sustained success. Perform's rich wisdom, frameworks and daily rituals create victory, opulence, immense power, and morality. Gain the characteristics to have it all without all owning you. Find your purpose and meaning to become a great leader; learn the secrets of the uber successful.

  3. VIRTUOUS sets the foundations for an extraordinary life - personal & business leadership grounded in ethics & courage. Living according to moral virtues leads to self respect. This course awakens within you the 26 virtues that guarantee you rise and thrive. You will also gain rituals to safeguard you from the six virtues that have people bow to seductions which lead to destruction.

  4. EXCELERATESALES assures you take your talent and convert it into sustained revenue. IQ has a ceiling when it comes to success. EQ and Sales set you apart for sustained success. Here you will learn to optimise your personal brand and rise to the top. This course teaches you 15 strategies for extraordinary revenue generation. You will learn the art of presentation and persuasion. 
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People are 83% More Committed to Leaders Who Stand For Something

* Edelman Trust Barometer 2019

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73% Believe Leaders Can Be Both Profitable and Virtuous

* Edelman Trust Barometer 2019

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86% Of People Want Leaders To Take The Lead On Ethical Change

* Edelman Trust Barometer 2019

Always Available. Always With You.

Our Team at Populis and ExcelerateYou has been tirelessly dedicated to building this platform and content for you - our committed and dedicated customers.

Our commitment to you is being a 24/7 platform that you can access any time you wish to excelerate your life. You can access our programs over the web, either by desktop or mobile or through an app. Our number one goal is to empower you and your loved ones to love all of life.