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Overcome Self-Doubt and Develop Positivity With Self-Talk


Written 10th April, 2020. By Rohilesh R. Singh

Overcome Self-Doubt and Develop Positivity with Self-Talk

The quality of your life at home, performance at work and even longevity is highly dependent on the quality of your mental chatter.

A 2020 ExcelerateYou survey of over 500 professionals who attended of our 'confidence and motivation' seminars highlighted that 'self-doubt' was the number one barrier barrier to their success.

If you ever found yourself lying in bed and having a conversation with yourself that sounds a little like ‘I don't want to go into work today, or I'm not sure if I have what it takes to do that job or ask that girl or guy out on a date’, then you know that this kind of mental chatter is self-defeating. Research shows that 75% of the 55,000 times we talk to ourselves each day is negative and pushes you backwards and downwards. The question for organisational leaders is how can you help your people to maximise their potential?...

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How to Future-Proof Your Career


If you are worried or just curious about how you may secure a bright future. Pay attention to these career success tips.

My job as CEO of Populis is to work with leaders to future-proof their personal and organisational success. But what does that really mean? How do you future-proof your career? The first step is to nail your personal vision of success so that there is absolute clarity for you in 'what success looks like'. Finding this clarity means you need to get to know yourself in great detail. When you know who you are and what success looks like for you, you are empowered to move forward with confidence. Clarity brings with it peace of mind and allows you to optimise your personal energy. The outcome is glorious in that you find perfection in every action, you can love your life. Happiness and opulence are by products of optimised personal energy.

Now, let us consider why people find themselves confused, get kicked around based on...

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Strategies to Overcoming Loneliness

Living and Dying with Loneliness

Loneliness kills. The impact of loneliness I will discuss here with you, but more importantly, I will share validated strategies to overcome loneliness. As we start to feel the ease of lockdown restrictions now that we are in the middle of 2020 with Covid-19, now more than ever we need to understand loneliness and social distancing and its impact on our mental health, as well as moving forward to ensure that we can safeguard ourselves, our most loved ones as well as our overall community. It is also a great time to proactively consider and elevate our wellbeing physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually so we maximise our positive energy, feel connected, and feel a sense of belonging with our greater society.

Loneliness definitely isn’t something we should neglect and hope for it go away, because left unattended it can make your life miserable. As an example, two close friends of mine lost their wonderful mothers to it. Both...

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Eliminate Self-Doubt with Self-Talk


Written 10th April, 2020. By Rohilesh R. Singh

Overcome Self-Doubt with Your Self-Talk

A recent ExcelerateYou survey of over 500 people highlighted that self-doubt is the number one barrier and concern among professionals in Australia today. Have you ever found yourself lying in bed and having a conversation with yourself that sounds a little like ‘nah, today is not going to be my day.’ ‘I don't want to go into work today, nothing will go right anyways.’ This is called negative self-talk, and you may be surprised to hear that we have over 55,000 of these discussions with ourselves each day, and would you believe that over 75% of that talk is negative?

This is a story about how I found one of the greatest hacks to overcoming self-doubt and worry, and ultimately to win in life. This technique is all about owning your mind chatter, so that you don’t fall into that 75% negativity that so many find themselves engulfed in on a daily basis. I use it to propel...

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Written 9th April, 2020. By Rohilesh R. Singh



The world as you knew it has changed the world forever and it will very likely never be the same! Our freedom can no longer be taken for granted! Lockdowns, stay at home orders have isolated people and communities, leaving many vulnerable to only a fickle mind but arguably to fickle policies and political leadership. It has taken Covid-19 for so many to realise that freedom can not be taken for granted. But what so many have not realised even now and I see evidence of this in my work helping those executives and entrepreneurs with alcohol and drug addictions to kick their habits and rebuild their lives, is that they never really were free. Nor are most of our population and again I see this everyday in universities and corporations. Most of us blindly follow paths laid our before us, that has you go to school, acquire debt and work the rest of your lives paying it off. With it comes a life of anxiety,...

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