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ExcelerateYou™ digital and virtual courses develop the best you: successful and resilient in all situations.

Join Top 1% Corporations and Universities and partner with ExcelerateYou™ to develop great people who are high performing and happy with unshakeable coping skills to rise at work, home and play! Our evidence-based programs elevate the whole of you and are delivered in bite-sized multi-modal modules, making it easy to absorb and implement into your life. 

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Flourish® is the Ultimate Wellbeing Program. Do you want to take charge of your mind? Do you want to love life and live everyday with positivity and confidence? If you answered yes, then this is the program for you! 

Flourish® awakens the best and happiest you. Safeguard yourself from the stresses of life, protect yourself from anxiety, burn-out depression. Enrol in this 8 hour course and form the habits to rise in life.

Flourish® holistically programs your psyche with self-love & positivity, it elevates your personal energy. The rituals in this program are scientifically validated by 120 studies, they to protect you in all situations. 

Sign up to Flourish® today and take charge of your happiness, wellbeing and personal success.

For group bookings and virtual sessions, contact [email protected] .

Unlock Flourish® now for $395 AUD.





Perform®: Build The Characteristics For Success. This high potential program builds your character for sustained success. Perform® gives you the frameworks and daily rituals to create a victorious life. Sick of waiting things to go your way? Want to be that leader of substance? Enrol now.

Clarify your vision of success, define the right plan of action and build a life of substance. Perform®’s scientifically-validated rituals empower you with self-mastery that enables you to do extraordinary things. Gain practices linked by science to literally grow your brain, improve memory, focus and discipline.

You will learn the 10 secrets of the uber successful. You will also develop 10 of the most powerful leadership principles to lead with confidence.

For group bookings and virtual sessions, contact [email protected] .

Own Perform® now for $495 AUD. Unlock Immediately.





Virtuous®: Stand For Something, sets your foundations for an extraordinary life grounded in ethics, courage and clarity.

Have. you ever wondered why good people do the wrong thing? The Future of Leadership will reward the righteous leaders of substance who are selfless and live their lives within a strong framework of ethics. 

Leaders get in trouble and do the wrong thing not because the right ethical frameworks are not in place, but because they don't posses the characteristics to live ethically, which has them fall victim to greed, lust and ignorance. Virtuous® will build your character to live and lead according to moral virtues, which leads to self respect & self respect promotes making virtuous decisions.  

For group bookings and virtual sessions, contact [email protected] .

Own Virtuous® now for $395 AUD. Unlocks October 1st 2020


Your High Performance Expert Coach

  1. Fortune 500 Transformational Leader, Roh has led and trained over 10,000 high performers globally.

  2. Led global technology companies to billions of dollars in revenue.
  3. Author of Rise Warrior Rise, the go-to methodology & book on high performance, self-mastery and wellbeing, which is compulsory text at top 1% universities and used by global corporations and leaders.

  4. Award Winner Australian Institute of Company Directors (Top 1%).
  5. Creator of ExcelerateYou (Engaging Digital programs).
  6. Consistently Rated as The Most Engaging Keynote Speaker. 

  7. Coach and Advisor to Global Business and Spiritual Leaders.


Top 1% Choose ExcelerateYou

Co-Founder of ExcelerateYou™

Co-Creator, Chartered Accountant, Global Executive, Kimberly has gone all in to create ExcelerateYou™ as the frameworks and methodologies she brings to the platform, gave her the confidence to do things she never imagined possible. You too can have it all, love, courage, happiness, success and wellbeing. Join ExcelerateYou™ today and awaken your ultimate self to live your dream life.


HR Leaders Choose ExcelerateYou™

HR Directors like Jade choose ExcelerateYou™ to empower performance and wellbeing of their people, because our programs go beyond teaching essentials skills, they build you holistically; enhance cultures where people flourish and perform authentically as themselves. A happy and engaged workforce is not only 36% more productive, they are 3X more innovative and 6X more engaged.


Iconic Australian Actor Chooses FLOURISH®

Award winning actor John Jarratt, star of Wolf Creek, has seen and done it all. John, had faced the greatest of adversities in 2018. He is also a father of 6 chose who chose to love, fight and Flourish. Like John, you too can choose to build a successful and sustainable world. Choose ExcelerateYou and become resilient like never before. Flourish develops deep coping skills and self-worth crucial to living as your best.

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Macquarie University

Since 2018 Rise Warrior Rise - the foundation of Perform®, Flourish® and Virtuous®, has been compulsory text at Macquarie University. 

Overwhelming positive feedback from students led to Roh Singh, Founder of ExcelerateYou™, honoured with the invitation to teach and share ExcelerateYou™ programs to the prestigious Dean Scholar Program group, reserved for the top 50 students from 17,000 Business School Students.

Macquarie University's, Debbie Howlett in this video Debbie shares why she chose Rise Warrior Rise© (Flourish® + Perform® +Virtuous®).