Get Your People Ready, Willing, and Able to Go-All-In and Achieve Record Growth.

In 2020 Populis, in collaboration with Macquarie University (Graduate Program) conducted an in-depth study on Leadership Effectiveness using Populis' Leadership Framework™️, a comprehensive high-performance leadership tool, which helps leaders to diagnose and effectively address the 50 critical principles of business success. 50 Australian company leaders were interviewed in the process, data was pooled and reviewed, and it was concluded that on average Australian companies are only operating at 74% of their potential.

What the study found was that CEOs whose teams were ready (resourced), willing (intrinsically motivated), and able (skilled and knowledgeable), executed their roles and duties with vigor and consistently delivered great results, and enjoyed longer tenures. It also found that most CEOS desired such teams but did not have a way to test if they were realizing their teams' potential. The Leadership Framework was the first time many of the CEOs got a true gauge of their performance as business leaders, that is beyond financial measures, project plan updates, and engagement scores. This is because business leaders don't get taught how to check the true impact of their leadership and find themselves blindsided at some point in their careers. 

Management guru Peter Drucker said that "No matter how well thought out your competitive strategy is, if the people in your organisation aren’t ready, able and willing to put it into action, it’s worthless."

Do you have measures in place to gauge the readiness, ability and will of your people to execute the strategies you and your leadership team have developed?

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United States General George S. Patton once declared that “a good plan violently executed now is better than a perfect plan executed next week".

Such confidence in leadership as General Patton when there is great self-awareness and self-belief that comes from a track record of success. The Leadership Framework gave the organizations in the Macquarie University and Populis study true and useful insight into their companies' leadership and operations and pinpointed to the CEO where they must focus their attention to realize greater growth and their potential.


  1. Underwhelming business performance. Financial losses, the decline in sales, and customers.

  2. Aggressive growth targets

  3. Cash flow issues

  4. Considering a merger or acquisitions

  5. Leadership growth is required. Poor staff engagement or high turnover

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The Leadership Framework™ 

The award-winning Leadership Framework™ takes the guesswork out of leadership success. Our diagnostics have you deep dive and assess your and your company's leadership capability/performance against the 50 key principles for high-performance leadership. For optimal results, answer each question truthfully and fast-track your growth and that of your company.

The diagnostic focuses on 5 major areas of business success:

1. A clear Vision and Plan for Success that is understood and drives every employee to bring their best selves to work

2. Having the Right People who are willing, able, and ready to steer your company to high performance and success

3. Empowering a High-Performance Company Culture of innovation and growth

4. Continuously Improving through the Optimisation of Business Processes 

5. Attracting, developing, and retaining the Industry's Best Leadership Team


In our experience, the CEO must be the one to initiate the process for a deep dive and invite an open and detailed diagnostic from all levels of their organization, so they are able to gain true insight of the strengths and weakness of their company and go to work on building a high performing company.

Rohilesh R. Singh, GAICD, Order of Merit specializes in helping SME CEOs build high-performing companies. Roh is a Leadership Fellow of WSU, Order of Merit, Australian Graduate School of Management, and a seasoned transformation CEO who has a track record of building billion-dollar businesses. The Leadership Framework is being used by leaders with 30 of Australia's top 100 businesses.


Roh can be contacted at [email protected]


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