The go-to book on wellbeing and high-performance

Top 1% Universities and Corporates are embedding the rituals and practices of Rise Warrior Rise© into their daily routines, and experiencing higher engagement, happiness, success, and fulfilment with their lives. This is the ultimate self-mastery book.


LOVE: The Wellbeing Journal to fill you with energy

We have beautifully designed Love to fill your heart and mind with love, resilience, and coping skills.
This evidence-based journal will empower you with actions to flourish in all aspects of your life.


Flourish®: Your Ultimate Wellbeing Program

This 8-week personalised, digital online course will safeguard you against mental stresses, burnout and anxiety. 
Validated by 120 scientific studies, Flourish® awakens the best you. Blissful, confident, energetic, happy and successful.


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Products that will warm your heart.

Watch this space. Launching April 2020

Perform®: Build THE Characteristics for Success

This 10-hour intensive, personalised, digital online course will embed the secrets to success to realise your potential and have it all!
Build your mental focus, drive, strongest. of characters and moral compass with Perform®.



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