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Execution excellence is the critical measure for a high performing CEO. Teams who are ready, willing and able to execute with vigour are most valued by seasoned CEO's, and yet not many CEO's have a measure in place to gauge the effectiveness of their work beyond the bottom line and project plan updates, which does not show the realisation of their teams potential, and as such many CEO's are being blindsided and not being as effective as they can be. The 2020 Populis Leadership Framework™ effectiveness study conducted in collaboration with Macquarie University Graduate program included Populis' Leadership Framework™ self-assessment interviews with over 50 Australian company leaders. This study found that on an average Australian companies are operating at less than 74% of their potential.

Culture eats strategy for breakfast is a great sound bite, which has had many leaders think deeply and invest just...

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How to Future-Proof Your Career


If you are worried or just curious about how you may secure a bright future. Pay attention to these career success tips.

My job as CEO of Populis is to work with leaders to future-proof their personal and organisational success. But what does that really mean? How do you future-proof your career? The first step is to nail your personal vision of success so that there is absolute clarity for you in 'what success looks like'. Finding this clarity means you need to get to know yourself in great detail. When you know who you are and what success looks like for you, you are empowered to move forward with confidence. Clarity brings with it peace of mind and allows you to optimise your personal energy. The outcome is glorious in that you find perfection in every action, you can love your life. Happiness and opulence are by products of optimised personal energy.

Now, let us consider why people find themselves confused, get kicked around based on...

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