Get Your People Ready, Willing, and Able to Go-All-In and Achieve Record Growth.

In 2020 Populis, in collaboration with Macquarie University (Graduate Program) conducted an in-depth study on Leadership Effectiveness using Populis' Leadership Framework™, a comprehensive high-performance leadership tool, which helps leaders to diagnose and effectively address the 50 critical principles of business success. 50 Australian company leaders were interviewed in the process, data was pooled and reviewed, and it was concluded that on average Australian companies are only operating at 74% of their potential.

What the study found was that CEOs whose teams were ready (resourced), willing (intrinsically motivated), and able (skilled and knowledgeable), executed their roles and duties with vigor and consistently delivered great results, and enjoyed longer tenures. It also found that most CEOS desired such teams but did not have a way to test if they were realizing their teams'...

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Moral Virtues Impact on Self-Respect - The How To Guide To Building an Ethical Character and Organisations


Control Your Lusts

Spinoza, the 17th century Dutch philosopher, famous for his comprehensive works on ethics said the following: ‘We do not find joy in virtue because we control our lusts, but contrariwise, because we find joy in virtue we control our lusts’. If you are like me it will take you a few reads to grasp that what Spinoza is saying is that to live and lead ethically we must find joy in being virtuous.

People are 83% more committed to leaders who stand for something and are 86% more likely to follow leaders who take the lead on ethical change - 2019 Edelman Trust Barometer. Studying organisational and human behaviour that involves helping leaders find their best-self to live and lead authentically, has taught me that it is impossible for a one to be ethical without being virtuous in character.

What is Ethics and What Are Moral Virtues?

ETHICS can be defined as moral standards that govern an individual or organisation...

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