Overcome Self-Doubt With Your Self-Talk & The Link Between Virtues and Self-Respect


Written 10th April, 2020. By Rohilesh R. Singh

Overcome Self-Doubt with Your Self-Talk

A recent ExcelerateYou survey of over 500 people highlighted that self-doubt is the number one barrier and concern among professionals in Australia today. Have you ever found yourself lying in bed and having a conversation with yourself that sounds a little like ‘nah, today is not going to be my day.’ ‘I don't want to go into work today, nothing will go right anyways.’ This is called negative self-talk, and you may be surprised to hear that we have over 55,000 of these discussions with ourselves each day, and would you believe that over 75% of that talk is negative?

This is a story about how I found one of the greatest hacks to overcoming self-doubt and worry, and ultimately to win in life. This technique is all about owning your mind chatter, so that you don’t fall into that 75% negativity that so many find themselves engulfed in on a daily basis. I use it to propel...

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Becoming Fearless With 6 Times International Best Selling Author Robert Greene


Written 9th April, 2020. By Rohilesh R. Singh

If you know yourself, and you know your enemy, you need not fear a thousand battles. 

- Sun Tzu, Chinese Military Strategist

2020 has changed the world forever! In only a handful of days, our world has transformed into the reality where our generation got the wake up call we most needed, that our freedom can no longer be taken for granted! You and I can lose our liberty within days. It certainly made many of us realise that we are grateful for our country, our health system. For me it was another reminder to love everyday, to make every day count. To love the people in my life with everything I have. I cherish the courage to follow my calling on earth and serve leaders to better their minds and lives. When we were all locked away in isolation, I saw people yearning for our old reality. Movie theatres, eating at restaurants and people watching at the local park fast...

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