Living according to moral virtues leads to self respect & self respect promotes making virtuous decisions. This course will have you deep dive within and discover who you are and what you stand for. The virtuous framework you will inherit in this course is 5000 year old and has been used over time by moral warrior kings and queens to win kingdoms and rule righteously.

This course will fill your heart with love, courage and respect. You will discover the bigger you; become a leader of your life and gain tools to become a true beacon of your family and community. Virtuous sets the foundations for an extraordinary life grounded in ethics & courage.

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Virtuous: Live and Lead Ethically
7 Key TakeAways

  1. Diagnostics of how you rank against the 26 virtues to rise and thrive that lift the world. You will also build an action plan with rituals to lift your level of virtuousness.
  2. Diagnostics against the 6 Virtues that lead to self destruction, including destruction of family, your wellbeing, success and community. You will gain a easy to implement rituals to safeguard you. 
  3. Mastery of your inner monologue that builds a positive, growth mindset as you kill all self-doubt.
  4. Strategies & practices to build self-control; become selfless - someone who can be counted on.
  5. Mastery of practices to boost your self-love - self-confidence and self-esteem.
  6. Breath Mastery and Meditation practices for calm, focus, discipline and longevity.
  7. Internal cleansing practices to detach yourself from uncontrolled desires. Gain total freedom.


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Mike Goodwin, Spartan Asia Pacific MD

"Perform is AMAZING from beginning to end! I experienced an evolution and transformation! Perform teaches us how to embrace failure and overcome fear with real strategies and tactics that invigorate & transform you, as you discovery your real purpose and 'who you are!  Incredible Program!

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Nicholas Mason, CMO Athletes Voice

"I've followed Tim Ferriss, Tony Robbins, Zig Ziglar etc, while they are motivating they lack in 'the how'. Roh stands out! He is special! Roh's Perform (Rise Warrior Rise) gave me a way to live my best life, an awesome life! It has changed my life. The world needs it, I need it, I think business needs it."

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Jay Raveendran, Physiotherapist

"Roh guides you to achieve your full potential, holistically to strengthen the mind before tackling other areas. Growing up, I felt that my mind was limiting me, Roh taught me concepts to achieve my maximum potential."

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Debbie Howlett, Macquarie University

"I chose Perform (Rise Warrior Rise) over all else at Macquarie University because it allows self-awakening. It enables deep development of the soft skills required for great leadership. I wish I had it when I was a younger.’"

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Krishan Prasad, Western Sydney University

"'I have implemented Perform (Rise Warrior Rise) into my Business Degree at Western Sydney University, and I am recommending it be integrated into every Degree to elevate graduate confidence and employability. It builds ethical leaders with purpose and an intrinsic drive to make a difference."

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Nabil Allouchie, Business Student

“Perform helped me get rid of all the self doubt, the negative energy & all anxiety. It really transformed me. It helped me love myself. It put me in a positive mindset, and not only showed me the importance of having a positive mindset & good energy around you, it taught me how-to."

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Your High Performance Expert Coach

  1. Fortune 500 Transformational Leader, Roh has led and trained over 10,000 high performers globally.

  2. Roh has led global companies to billions of dollars in revenue.
  3. Founded Populis, The People Performance Company.

  4. Author of Rise Warrior Rise, the go-to methodology & book on high performance, self-mastery and wellbeing, which is compulsory text at top 1% universities and used by global corporations and leaders.

  5. Creator of ExcelerateYou (Engaging Digital programs)
  6. Award Winning Company Director (Top 1%).
  7. Consistently Rated as The Most Engaging Keynote Speaker. 

  8. Coach to Global Spiritual  & Business Leaders.

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Live and Lead Ethically

  • Introductory Offer Save $500 off RRP
  • 69 Rich Engaging Video and Audio Lessons (Value $3381)
  • 51 Self-Mastery Activities (Value $1479)
  • $99 Non-transferable Voucher to Upgrade to the ExcelerateYou Platinum Membership
  • 3 Deep Diagnostics -Gain Powerful Insights (Value $150)
  • 6 Evidence Based Self-Mastery Rituals (Value $300)
  • 12 Months Unlimited Access 
  • Monthly Blogs & Success Tips
  • Certificate of Completion
  • Web, Mobile and App Functionality
  • Trusted by Top 1% Universities and Corporations
  • Gain The Sacred 26 Pillars of Morality and Success
  • Total Program Value $5310
  • 3 Easy Payments


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  • Coaching and Unlimited Course Access
  • PERFORM & FLOURISH Unlocked Now! 
  • New Course Unlocked every Quarter!
  • 400 Rich Video and Audio Lessons (Value $10,000)
  • 120 Mastery Activities (Value $3,000)
  • 20 Deep Diagnostics ($2,000)
  • 20 Self-Mastery Rituals ($1,000)
  • Monthly Master Classes with Global Experts ($1200)
  • Monthly Blogs & Success Tips
  • Certificate of Completion
  • Qualify for Coaching and Private Events with Roh Singh
  • Total Membership Value $17,200
  • Access Platinum Community and Many More Benefits!
  • Plus get Roh LIVE for two hours every month! Teaching you his Latest Insights and Coaching this Community LIVE

Why Women in Business Subscribe to ExcelerateYou

Kimberly Singh, CPA, CMA, Wife, Mother and Business Owner

Co-Founder, ExcelerateYou Kimberly explains why she uses the methodologies and rituals of ExcelerateYou to live as her best-self, to be a great mother and business woman. Kimberly symbolises harmony and balance and a strong advocate for young women in business and life.

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Why Does a Hollywood Star Love ExcelerateYou

John Jarratt, Award Winning Actor

Hollywood gun producer Quentin Tarantino has famously called John Jarratt his favourite Aussie actor. John is an iconic Aussie actor, husband and loving father of six who had faced great adversity in 2018 and successfully overcame it. Here, John shares the power of the virtue of love. In short, ExcelerateYou develops great love for self and others.

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Why Business Wants ExcelerateYou

Jade Azmi, HR Leader and Award Winning Business Owner

HR Leader of ASX listed company and successful business woman, Jade Azmi understands that in order to Perform and Flourish, one must have an abundance of energy, be resilient to tough times and the right set of skills. To lead ethically with confidence, Jade has gone all in to make the Virtuous Framework her own. Jade chooses ExcelerateYou for her and her team as the complete digital and virtual self-development partner.

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Why Commandos Do ExcelerateYou

Scott Evennett, Australia Commando, Ninja Warrior and Business Leader

Scott is the epitome of wellbeing. Scott pursued professional soccer in England and returned to Australia and qualified to become a Commando who went on to tour Iraq and then Afghanistan 3 times. Today, Scott runs an epic fitness business from Canberra, Australia where Scott transforms his clients to their peak. ExcelerateYou gives Scott the mental edge and an Virtuous framework to base what he stands for in life.

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Why Entrepreneurs Choose ExcelerateYou to Win Ethically

Zah Azmi, CEO & Owner Luxland Investments, Investor Salon TwoSixSix

Successful entrepreneur Zah, chose ExcelerateYou to develop his winning mindset. He chose Virtuous as his ethical framework, and ExcelerateSales to Master the Art of Sales and Success.

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Fitness Giant is All In for ExcelerateYou

Jenna Louise, Thriving Fitness Entrepreneur & Ninja Warrior

Go all in just like Jenna does, every, single, day. Phenomenal athlete, coach and internet sensation, Jenna goes all in with ExcelerateYou. Build the mindset, ethics and skills to be the best you with ExcelerateYou.

Join the elites now and get more people to say 'yes' to you too!   

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People are 83% More Committed to Leaders Who Stand For Something

* Edelman Trust Barometer 2019

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73% Believe Leaders Can Be Both Profitable and Virtuous

* Edelman Trust Barometer 2019

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76% Of People Want Leaders To Take The Lead On Ethical Change

* Edelman Trust Barometer 2019

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Our Team at Populis and ExcelerateYou has been tirelessly dedicated to building this platform and content for you - our committed and dedicated customers.

Our commitment to you is being a 24/7 platform that you can access any time you wish to excelerate your life. You can access our programs over the web, either by desktop or mobile or through an app. Our numnber one goal is to empower you and your loved ones to love all of life. 

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