Having the highest of ethical standards is no longer a choice but a must for our leaders.  These 'unprecedented' times call for all leaders to be unshakeable in character. Virtuous helps you to develop your character to be one with highest of moral standards to live and lead ethically. 

Live according to moral virtues for it leads to self respect and self respect promotes making virtuous decisions. You see you can't have one without the other. See they key outcomes below.

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Key Learnings

  1. Discover what defines moral excellence and how to develop it as part of your character. 
  2. Learn the virtues (foundation of principles), which promote collective and individual greatness. 
  3. Study fallen leaders and companies who have made ethical errors and the consequences.
  4. Conduct a pulse check on your personal traits and qualities versus the Virtuous Framework.
  5. Discover vices practices, behaviour, or habits considered immoral, sinful, criminal, rude, taboo, depraved, or degrading to you, your soul and society. 

Key Outcomes

  1. Learn the 26 principles (virtuous characteristics) of the Virtuous Framework.
  2. Deep dive into your virtuous standings versus the 26 of the Virtuous Framework.
  3. Develop an action plan to improve your character to be unshakeably good and moral.
  4. Analyse the characteristics of successful leaders and ones to learn from
  5. Gain the foundation to live and lead ethically. Know exactly what you stand for so you in life and leadership.
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People are 83% More Committed to Leaders Who Stand For Something

* Edelman Trust Barometer 2019

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73% Believe Leaders Can Be Both Profitable and Virtuous

* Edelman Trust Barometer 2019

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76% Of People Want Leaders To Take The Lead On Ethical Change

* Edelman Trust Barometer 2019

Your High Performance Expert Coach

  1. Roh has led the transformation of global organisations to dominate market share with billions of dollars in revenue.

  2. Founded Populis, The People Performance Company.

  3. Author of Rise Warrior Rise, the go-to methodology & book on high performance, virtues and self-mastery, which is compulsory text at top 1% universities on leadership.

  4. Creator of ExcelerateYou (Digital learning platform).
  5. Highly Rated Keynote Speaker and Coach. 

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High Performance Engagement Officer

"Virtuous has taught me valuable lessons. Living in a world where "ignorance is bliss" has become a common proverb, I would also occasionally think it would be better for me to not know all facts about other people and focus on myself only - MY work success, MY social status etc. However, Virtuous has taught me that I should stop and work on my character so I can serve others. Thank you Roh"

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Leadership Student, Dean Scholar, Macquarie University

I found the Virtuous to be extremely informative and highly enjoyable. Rohilesh's positive energy and enthusiasm was truly infectious and I could not contain my smile while learning from his wisdom. My key takeaway from the session was the extreme interconnectedness between happiness, success, individual morals, and sacrifice. I found it fascinating that I will continue to develop moving into the future."

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"'I have implemented Virtuous into my Business Degree, specifically within the unit of Managing in Profession at Western Sydney University, and I am recommending it be integrated into every Degree to elevate leadership morals. Virtuous: The Ethical Framework builds ethical leaders of the future"

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Live and Lead Ethically

  • 3 Deep Diagnostics -Powerful Insights (Value $150)
  • 69 Rich Engaging Video and Audio Lessons (Value $3381)
  • 51 Self-Mastery Activities (Value $1479)
  • 6 Evidence Based Self-Control Rituals (Value $300)
  • The 26 Sacred Pillars of Morality and Success
  • 12 Months Unlimited Access 
  • Monthly Blogs & Success Tips
  • Certificate of Completion
  • Web, Mobile and App Functionality
  • Trusted by Top 1% Universities and Corporations
  • Total Program Value $5310
  • 3 Easy Payments


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  • Coaching and Unlimited Course Access
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  • New Course Unlocked every Quarter!
  • 400 Rich Video and Audio Lessons (Value $10,000)
  • 120 Mastery Activities (Value $3,000)
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  • 20 Self-Mastery Rituals ($1,000)
  • Monthly Master Classes with Global Experts ($1200)
  • Monthly Blogs & Success Tips
  • Certificate of Completion
  • Qualify for Coaching and Private Events with Roh Singh
  • Total Membership Value $17,200
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  • Plus get Roh LIVE for two hours every month! Teaching you his Latest Insights and Coaching this Community LIVE

Why Women in Business Subscribe to ExcelerateYou

Kimberly Singh, CPA, CMA, Wife, Mother and Business Owner

Co-Founder, ExcelerateYou Kimberly explains why she uses the methodologies and rituals of ExcelerateYou to live as her best-self, to be a great mother and business woman. Kimberly symbolises harmony and balance and a strong advocate for young women in business and life.

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Why Business Wants ExcelerateYou

Jade Azmi, HR Leader and Award Winning Business Owner

HR Leader of ASX listed company and successful business woman, Jade Azmi understands that in order to Perform and Flourish, one must have an abundance of energy, be resilient to tough times and the right set of skills. To lead ethically with confidence, Jade has gone all in to make the Virtuous Framework her own. Jade chooses ExcelerateYou for her and her team as the complete digital and virtual self-development partner.

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Unlock Virtuous - SAVE 50%