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Transformational Programs Empowering Wellbeing, Ethics, Leadership and Performance 

Join the growing number of businesses enriching their People, Culture and Performance with ExcelerateYou. 120 scientifically validated studies support our rich programs elevating lives in Top 1% Universities in Australia, Dean Scholar programs & Companies to drive measurable growth 

Our diagnostics give you insight allows us to design tailored programs that build the whole of person that are proven to significantly reduce anxiety, absenteeism and presenteeism. 

The most critical strategic priority for all C-Suite in 2020 and beyond MUST to enhance you culture by utilising wellbeing and high-performance programs. Watch this video for more.


CORE PROGRAMS: 12 Months of engaging courses

ExcelerateYou programs are tailored to meet individual & organisational needs around coping and performing. Our deep diagnostics allow for intelligent self, team and company insight which allows us to tailor programs to meet strategic priorities. Watch the testimonials below or contact us today.

  1. FLOURISH: The Ultimate Wellbeing Program. The scientifically validated self-regulation rituals in this program will make you unshakable mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually! You will elevate into the elusive state of bliss in all conditions. Live your best life: Happy. Confident. Abundant. Grow your brain, improve memory & overcome stress, anxiety and burnout.

  2. PERFORM: Build The Characteristics For Success. Build the discipline and energy for sustained success. Perform's rich wisdom, frameworks and daily rituals create victory, opulence, immense power, and morality. Gain the characteristics to have it all without all owning you. Find your purpose and meaning to become a great leader; learn the secrets of the uber successful.

  3. VIRTUOUSStand For Something sets the foundations for an extraordinary life - grounded in ethics & courage. Living according to moral virtues leads to self respect. This course awakens within you the 26 virtues that guarantee you rise and thrive. You will also gain rituals to safeguard you from the six virtues that have people bow to seductions which lead to destruction.

  4. EXCELERATESALES: The Art of Success. Convert your talent into success. IQ has a ceiling when it comes to success. EQ and Sales set you apart for sustained success. Here you will learn to optimise your personal brand and rise to the top. This course teaches you 15 strategies for extraordinary revenue generation. You will learn the art of presentation, persuasion and closing. 



Now is the time to build a purpose-built wellbeing program. Download this paper and see what critical factors will sustain your long term success and how you measure against.
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Your High Performance Expert Coach

  1. Fortune 500 Transformational Leader. Roh has led and trained over 10,000 high performers globally.

  2. Led global technology companies to billions of dollars in revenue.
  3. Author of Rise Warrior Rise, the go-to methodology & book on high performance, self-mastery and wellbeing, which is compulsory text at top 1% universities and used by global corporations and leaders.

  4. Award Winner Australian Institute of Company Directors (Top 1%).
  5. Creator of ExcelerateYou (Engaging Digital programs).
  6. Consistently Rated as The Most Engaging Keynote Speaker. 

  7. Coach and Advisor to Global Business and Spiritual Leaders.


Flourish: The Ultimate Wellbeing Program

Flourish is a holistic evidence based program that empowers you to thrive as the best you. The rituals of the program develop deep coping skills and rewire the mind so you love all of life.

Harvard Medical School's 75 year longitudinal study on 'life satisfaction' found two key factors to flourishing; love and coping skills. Flourish extensively develops both by proactively and holistically enhancing all four states of you - physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. Flourish awakens great self-love and empowers you with deep coping skills to thrive at home, work and play.

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Perform is for the high potential, all people leaders and the change makers. This course will build your character traits so you make a substantial impact on our world. You will learn time honoured wisdom and practices to realise your high potential to influence the world in a positive way. This course gives you rituals to elevate your discipline, courage and mental focus so you can go all in and finish what you start.

Perform awaken in you the self-worth to serve selflessly (to build a greater society).  Perform’s scientifically-validated empower self mastery. These practices, science now strongly links to literally grow your brain, improve your memory and decrease stress and anxiety. Dive right in, learn the secrets of the uber successful and awaken the best you.

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Virtuous: Live and Lead Ethically

  1. Diagnose how you rank against and build an action plan to increase the 26 virtues to rise and thrive and lift the world.
  2. Master your monologue to kill self-doubt & build a positive psyche.
  3. Diagnose against the 6 Virtues that lead to destruction of self and community. Set in place rituals to safeguard you. 
  4. Action plan complete with rituals to make you strong and selfless.
  5. Rituals and practices to boost your self-worth and confidence.
  6. Breath Mastery and Meditation practices for calm, focus & discipline
  7. Cleansing practices to detach yourself from uncontrolled desires
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Based on team feedback, I wanted to get away from the usual series of business updates in the quarterly updates and instead participate in a group experience that would engage the team, teach us all new skills and have a learning experience together. So, I engaged Roh and the team at Populis to run the Perform programme for my Quarterly team get together. 

The session exceeded all of my expectations!

Together we learnt how to re-program our minds for success, that is how to transition from the natural stage of 'can't do' to developing total self-belief and an action plan to bring forward outstanding results.

We spent time on diagnostic tools to awaken a sense of self-discovery, workshopped our Virtuous Framework to strengthen our own ethical frameworks, and studied rituals and behavioural drivers to maintain and develop growth mindsets.

The most well received element involved learning simple breathing exercises to bring calm and sharpen focus. Tools that the whole group agreed are worthwhile.

Feedback from the team afterwards was uniformly positive, with comments ranging from “simply the best thing I’ve done at work”, to “the breathing exercise will change my life” and “I love working for a company which allows me to learn and grow”.

I thoroughly recommend the Populis programmes to any business, institution or organisation that wants to engage their staff, learn and grow together and arm their team with tools and techniques to cope and thrive in today’s complex work environment.

Nick Horton
Director of Sales, Intuit Australia November 2018



Why Women in Business Subscribe to ExcelerateYou

Kimberly Singh, CPA, CMA, Wife, Mother and Business Owner

Co-Founder, ExcelerateYou Kimberly explains why she uses the methodologies and rituals of ExcelerateYou to live as her best-self, to be a great mother and business woman. Kimberly symbolises harmony and balance and a strong advocate for young women in business and life.


Cisco Says It's Fantastic

Dawn Denton, Head of Marketing Asia and Japan

The Happiness Platform is our live event for people leaders. It awakens deep mindfulness and shares strategies and real life practices on creating a culture that uses wellbeing to create happy and productive people in the workplace. Dawn Denton took the knowledge, the how to apply the practices back in the workplace. Now with ExcelerateYou, every team member has access to our rich lifer altering programs.


Happiness at Work is Important

Steve Reid, oOH! Media - Award Winning Chief People Officer

Happiness Platform is important to this Chief People Officer because it empowers him to allow people to bring their most authentic best self to work. An early advisor to ExcelerateYou, Steve Reid has been a leading supporter our Happiness Platform format (live and virtual seminars). Steve is a seasoned People Leader in Telecoms and Media who believes leaders should facilitate the happiness of their people.


Why Business Wants ExcelerateYou

Jade Azmi, HR Leader and Award Winning Business Owner

HR Leader of ASX listed company and successful business woman Jade Azmi understands that you have to get your mind right and you must have the right frameworks and skills in order to Flourish and Perform. This is why she chooses ExcelerateYou as the complete self-development partner for success.


Excelerate Your Culture of Happiness

David Ryan, Vice President and General Manager Sherwin Williams UK

ExcelerateYou and Happiness Platform helped David reset his focus on building a strong and happy culture from the ground up within the local business of a global leader in the paint industry. The program helped to recenter and refocus Davids beliefs, so he could build on teams beliefs. There is nothing truer than a happy team deliver great results.

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Mike Goodwin, Spartan Asia Pacific MD

"ExcelerateYou is AMAZING from beginning to end! I experienced an evolution and transformation! Perform teaches you how to embrace failure & overcome fear with real strategies & tactics that invigorate & transform you, as you discovery your real purpose and 'who you are!  Incredible Programs!

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Nicholas Mason, Commercial Director Athletes Voice

"I've followed Tim Ferriss, Tony Robbins, Zig Ziglar etc, while they are motivating they lack in 'the how'. Roh stands out! He is special! Roh's Perform (Rise Warrior Rise) gave me a way to live my best life, an awesome life! It has changed my life. The world needs it, I need it, I think business needs it."

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Krishan Prasad, Western Sydney University

"'I have implemented Rise Warrior Rise & ExcelerateYou into the Business School at WSU and I am recommending it be integrated into every Degree to elevate graduate confidence and employability. It builds ethical leaders with purpose and an intrinsic drive to make a difference."

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Debbie Howlett, Macquarie University

"I chose ExcelerateYou & Rise Warrior Rise over all else Macquarie University because it differentiated itself from every other program. I wanted our people to get a different vision of leadership; it allows self-awakening & deep development of the soft skills required for great leadership."

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People are 83% More Committed to Leaders Who Stand For Something

* Edelman Trust Barometer 2019

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73% Believe Leaders Can Be Both Profitable and Virtuous

* Edelman Trust Barometer 2019

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86% Of People Want Leaders To Take The Lead On Ethical Change

* Edelman Trust Barometer 2019








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